How can I ensure cashback tracking with ad blockers installed?

Users with ad blockers installed may experience issues receiving cashback. If we detect that you have an ad blocker installed, you will see a red top banner on your screen – kindly click on the “Click to enable cashback” button to disable the ad blocker for cashback shopping on ShopBack.

Doing so will not disable your ad blocker completely, it will only disable ad blockers for ShopBack to ensure that we can track your cashback successfully.

If the button fails, you can still perform the disabling manually.


For uBlock and uBlock Origin

  1. Open the uBlock Origin options page
  2. Click the “3rd-party filters” tab
  3. Scroll to the ‘Custom’ section at the bottom and append the line:
  4. Click “Parse”
  5. Scroll to the top of the page and click “Update now”


For Adblock Plus

  1. Follow the instructions here to get to the options filter subscription
  2. Select "Add a different subscription"
  3. Enter the following into the respective text fields:
    Subscription title:
    ShopBack Shopping
    Filter list location:

  4. Submit/save the change


For other ad blockers

  1. Add the following URL to the ad blocker’s whitelist filter:
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