How do I request for a payout into my bank account?

To cash out, you must meet the minimum Available Balance per withdrawal method of your choice, in your ShopBack account.

For Bank, the minimum Available Balance must be USD 10

For Paypal, the minimum Available Balance must be USD 10

Follow these steps to request a payout:

1. Click on "Withdrawal Money" in the menu.

2. Select your withdrawal method

3. Update your withdrawal details:

  3.1. For Transfer to Bank, please provide Bank Name, Full Name and Bank Account No. 

  3.2 For Transfer to Paypal, please provide Full Name and Paypal Email

4. Click on “Save Details” to save the details

5. Select or Enter your withdrawal amount and

6. Click on "Withdraw"

Your withdrawal request will be processed and deposited into your selected account:

1. For Bank/PayPal: Within 3-5 working days


There will be no service charges.

Note that Cashback is only valid for 1 year after turning “Confirmed” and must be withdrawn from the time it turns "Confirmed".



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