How do I earn Cashback through the ShopBack Cashback Buddy Extension?

  1. Shop and browse at your favourite online stores.
  2. If the button is red and not blinking, it means Cashback is not yet eligible for this store: red-shopback-button-not-eligible.png
    If the button is blinking, it means Cashback is eligible for the store you are browsing on: blinking-shopback-button-eligible.png
    Click the “Activate Cashback” button to activate the Cashback tracking.
  3. Once Cashback is activated, the button will turn green and it means that Cashback is currently being tracked: green-shopback-button-activated.png
  4. Browse and purchase as usual. Cashback will take up to 48 hours to be processed (for most partner's store) and reflected in your ShopBack account. An e-mail will be sent to notify you that your Cashback has been credited to your ShopBack account successfully.

Others important things to note:

  • Always ensure that the Cashback button is activated before adding your items to your cart.
  • Payment page would be red as the page is encrypted by the partner store.
  • If you make subsequent orders from the same store or face any payment errors, open a new WINDOW and “Activate Cashback” again.
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