ShopBack Cashback Buddy Extension is safe?

As users of the Internet and online shoppers ourselves, we care about privacy like you do. We are committed to ensuring that all personal data provided to us remain secure and are only utilised for purposes that our customers have consented to.


What is the “read and change data” settings in Chrome about?

This is the standard permissions settings across all Chrome extensions and ShopBack does not capture nor alter any personal or payment information from the websites you visit. ShopBack Cashback Button only access the merchant and network URLs and cookies you visit to notify you of Cashback on our merchant partners’ sites and track your transactions with our merchant partners to credit Cashback in your ShopBack account.



Why do I need to enable permissions on all sites for ShopBack Cashback Button?

ShopBack Cashback Button will require access to all our merchants partners and network sites’ URLs and cookies so that we can effectively notify you of Cashback when you are on a ShopBack merchant sites and work with our merchants and networks to award you your Cashback.


What information does ShopBack Cashback Button collect?

Our goal is to empower our members to save time and money through an enhanced shopping experience. We take extra care in collecting information only on our merchant and network websites to provide value to your shopping journey, to improve our products and create new products.

Information we collect

  • Personal information you share with us as part of the registration process i.e. your name, email tied to a non-personally identifying member identification marker (member IDs).
  • Information that allows ShopBack Cashback Button to function as intended i.e. ShopBack merchants’ and networks’ websites’ URLs, browser cookies and some other information to ensure that your ShopBack Cashback tracking is intact and Cashback is awarded accurately.
  • Information as a result of your usage of ShopBack Cashback Button to help us better understand how our product works i.e. device information, browser types

Your personal information is protected behind secured networks. We do not under any circumstances sell our customer’s information.


What information does ShopBack Cashback Button NOT collect?

We do not have access nor collect:

  • Any personal information that you have not provided us explicitly on any sites.
  • Any personal information from your email, bank or credit card accounts on any sites.
  • Any information from your search engine history
  • Non-merchant website urls and cookies


How do I enable permissions on all sites?

You can change your permissions settings to “On All Sites” in 2 ways:

1. Go to ShopBack Cashback Button’s Chrome Settings and change to “On All Sites” under Permissions


2. Right click on your ShopBack Cashback Button in the tool-bar. Under “This can read and change sites data”, select “On All Sites”



We at ShopBack are committed to helping our members shop in a smarter way. Till date, we have 200,000 ShopBack Cashback Button users across Asia Pacific with a five-star rating in our Chrome Store reviews. If you still don’t feel comfortable using the extension, you can create a ShopBack account and activate Cashback at

We also encourage you to read our privacy policy.

Still have questions about privacy and user data? Please contact us directly at

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