What can I do if Cashback is not in my account?

Cashback tracked is listed in your account under “Pending” tab (if cashback is still pending) or “Redeemable” tab (if cashback is redeemable). Go to your account to check if cashback is in your account.

In case that you can’t find cashback for any of your order, this could happen due to various reasons:

1. Reason 1: You did not click through ShopBack and/or did not follow the store’s T&Cs when ordering from our partner stores.

If users did not click through ShopBack or did not follow the store's T&Cs, we are unable to earn a commission from our partner stores and thus are unable to pass any cashback to users. Hence, ShopBack is unable to reward you cashback in this case.              

To check if you clicked through ShopBack before you ordered, go to your account’s click history. To check if you followed the store’s T&Cs, go to the store page you ordered from and click “View Terms & Conditions” button.

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2. Reason 2: You just made (an) order(s) less than 48 hours ago.

This is not a missing cashback case as cashback will take up to 48 hours to process. An email will be sent to notify your successful cashback. Alternatively, you can check cashback in your account after 48 hours.

3. Reason 3: You made (an) order(s) more than 3 months ago.

Any cashback issues that are related to orders made more than 3 months ago will be void. Due to security reason, missing cashback is not trackable by ShopBack and our partner stores after 3 months. Hence, we are unable to earn a commission and cannot pass any cashback to users. If you have a missing cashback, please contact us within 3 months from the order time.

Click here for more best practices to avoid missing cashback in the future.

If you followed the store’s T&Cs and waited for more than 2 days.

Please contact our friendly customer service team by filling out this form. We will check your order with the respective store(s) as soon as possible. We are constantly improving our cashback tracking system to ensure you won't face this issue again.

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