What can I do if Cashback is not in my account?

Your Cashback might not have been tracked due to the following reasons:

  1. You may not have clicked from ShopBack when making a purchase. Unfortunately if you did not redirect to the store of choice before the order, we will be unable to track your order and thus no Cashback will be awarded.
  2. You may not have followed the Merchant Store’s Terms & Conditions when ordering through ShopBack.

    Every partner store comes with its unique set of Terms and Conditions. If you fail to adhere to them when ordering, we will be unable to earn commission from our partner stores and hence, no Cashback will be awarded. You can access each partner store's Terms & Conditions on the ShopBack Store pages. 
  3. Your order(s) was/were made less than 48 hours ago. Cashback takes up to 48 hours to be processed and reflected in your account. An e-mail will be sent to notify you of your successful Cashback. Alternatively, you can check your ShopBack account under “Pending” tab after 48 hours.
  4. There was a cancellation, return or exchange of your order. Cashback is only awarded for successful orders and will not be awarded for cancellations, returns or exchanges.
  5. You have ad blockers/ublockers applied to your browsers
  6. You have used a coupon or voucher code not listed on ShopBack

Click here to view the Terms & Conditions for cancellations, returns and exchanges.

If none of the above applies to you, please submit the missing cashback here.

Note that any Cashback requests for orders made more than 3 months ago will not be processed. Cashback records are only kept for 3 months from the date of purchase. In the event of your Cashback get rejected, you can only appeal no later than 30 days from rejection date.

Missing cashback investigation would take up to 35 days for most merchant to check whether the order is attributed to Shopback. Expedia would take longer with up to 75 days after your travel (checkout date) as Expedia would validate the order at the same time. The Claim Time would still apply upon finalised as pending.

Click here for the best practices to adopt to ensure you get your Cashback.

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