What do the Cashback statuses mean in my ShopBack account?

Cashback Statuses:

  • Pending: Yay! We have tracked your order details and your Cashback is being validated by our partner store to ensure that there were no cancellations, returns or exchanges made to your order. Typically this will be done within 75 days for most merchant! Bonuses earned through referrals and promotional activities will appear as 'Pending' until the required conditions are fulfilled.
  • Confirmed: Hurray! Your Cashback and/or Bonus is validated, confirmed by our partner stores and added to your Available Balance.
  • Rejected: Oh no! Your Cashback was not approved by our partner store and removed from your pending earnings. Do note that our partner store holds sole discretion in determining the Cashback validity.
  • Investigating: We've received your Missing Cashback Enquiry. Don't worry, we are just as anxious as you are in finding your missing Cashback. We will keep you updated as soon as we can!

Your Earnings Account:

  • Lifetime Earnings: This is the total amount of Cashback you've earned from Day 1 of your ShopBack journey! This will include all pending, available and withdrawn Cashback earnings. 
  • Available Balance: This is the amount you are able to cash out, woo-hoo! This will include all your Confirmed Cashback minus the earnings you've withdrawn. Note that you will need a minimum of $10 to cash out into your bank or Paypal account.  
  • Pending Earnings: This is the total Cashback earned from purchases and bonuses that are pending confirmation. Once it's been confirmed, it will move into your Available Balance. 
  • Withdrawn: This is the total Cashback you have already cashed out into your bank or Paypal account! 
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